Gestev Goes Green

An environmentally responsible event

Gestev is certified under the BNQ-9700-253 standard for responsible event management. Vélirium has achieved Level 2 certification under the BNQ-9700-253 standard for responsible event management.

2022 Objective: reduce plastic as much as possible

  • Using compostable dishes
  • By distributing no single-use plastic cups
  • By promoting number 6 food packaging at TerraCycle
  • By procuring 5,000 compostable bamboo utensils to replace the single-use utensils normally used by street trucks

We will also offset our GHG emissions by planting 1,000 trees on the Côte-de-Beaupré! We are also doubling the number of bicycle parking spaces, you will now have two at your disposal.

What you can do to contribute to this goal too :

Some of our actions

Green Team

Our Green Team of eco-volunteers will be onsite throughout the weekend to raise awareness and get visitors adopting all the right habits!

The volunteermobile

Gestev provides a free shuttle service for volunteers at the event.

Expo village

Gestev educates exhibitors on how to manage their residual materials as soon as they arrive onsite. We provide a container to safely dispose of any hazardous materials as well as a special Véli-Recyc box to collect used and broken inner tubes, bike tires and bike parts.

Giving back to community projects

Gestev provides more than $10,000 in monetary support to help fund humitarian and sporting projects for organizations that volunteer their time at an event.

Managing residual materials

Two-channel waste stations are provided throughout the site to separate recycling from garbage. Three-channel waste stations are provided in food consumption areas to separate compostable materials and recycling from garbage. All residual materials generated before, during and after the event are sorted and weighed, then disposed of properly as hazardous materials, compostable waste, construction waste, returnable containers, recyclables and, as a last resort, regular garbage.

Reusing signage

Gestev collects all coroplast corrugated plastic signage after the event and reuses it for other events. We work with a sign supplier that can print new designs as needed on existing coroplast panels. Talk about a great way to reuse materials and reduce waste!

Bike parking